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Submissions for 2013 tax reforms

The Tax Institute has put forward a number of suggestions to the Federal Government in its 2013 budget submission paper. Among the suggestions are reforms in state tax, calls for a new small business entity and tax deductions for childcare.

One of the key proposals is to make childcare costs fully tax deductible, as opposed to the current 30% rebate. The proposed scheme would encourage mothers to return to the workplace.

The Tax Institute also put forward an idea for a new class of small businesses, which would take the best structures of all small businesses, such as a company, or trust, and create a new classification known as a ‘small business entity’.

There were also suggestions to address “the low level and inflexibility of contributions caps” in regards to Superannuation, especially as media reports continue to suggest the Government will be targeting super funds for revenue.

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Australian economy moved slowly into 2013

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Facebook announces search engine

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This is because the world is changing at a rapid pace, these companies have experts and specialists who are ready to offer you their services should you confront any sort of problem in the software. , online project management Modern businesses are all about managing time.

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Business Fraud

Last year business fraud over $100,000 hit the courts more than 61 times, totalling more than $131 million.

There are a few ways to minimise the potential of business fraud happening.

–       Start at the recruitment phase. Look for employment gaps in the potential employees history, do an internet search to see whether someone left under improper circumstances.

–       Notice different or anti-social behaviour of employees. Also look for circumstances changing, such as their partner losing their job or an illness in the family. These things happen to everyone, but it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety and may cause them to find risky solutions to their problems.

–       Check on the accounting systems in place. Avoid having all the business asset eggs in one basket. Separate responsibilities for those who record and those who have power to confirm any changes.

– Regularly review bank reconciliations to check for a growing discrepancy between accounting records and actual cash and be aware of who can authorise payments and change accounting records.

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Preparing for the second half of the financial year

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Financial planning for the festive season

Leading up to Christmas it is easy to veer off budget, what with the seemingly endless gift lists, planning for parties and splurging on big ticket sale items.

In order to avoid the post festive credit card blues, planning and creating a budget well in advance will mean less debt stress in the New 47 Meters Down 2017 trailer

A few key things to remember:

  1. Try making it an all-cash Christmas. It is surprising what a difference a few $20 or $50 notes tucked away here and there can make when it comes to buying Christmas presents.
  2. Look through credit card statements to see how much is left to repay. While keeping this in mind, create a spending budget which also includes the potential interest, in order to be better prepared for the repayments.
  3. Implement a few tried and tested money saving tips such as doing a secret Santa with a cap on the amount spent, and asking those coming to the Christmas party to bring in a plate of food.

It will also help to squeeze in a few extra repayments to the credit card bill, mortgage or loan before Christmas, so that there will be less to pay off in the New Year, even if the Christmas budget goes off track.

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Attract customers with Christmas marketing tips

A survey conducted by Experian Analysts has revealed that December 23rd is the key day for businesses to receive traffic from email promotions. In order to prepare for this D-Day there are a few points to consider when sending out festive season marketing emails.
  1. Offer an exact delivery date. This may appear difficult, but with some planning and organisation businesses can guarantee customers an all important delivery date- key to securing pre-Christmas sales.
  2. Word emails well: According to the survey, the words “Christmas/New Year” and “sale” had the highest email opening rate, followed by “% off” and “Christmas/New Years”.
  3. Consider gift idea campaigns. Not everyone will have the time leading up to Christmas to choose from a full catalogue. It may be a good idea to package and suggest a few key items that will allow customers to cross people off their Christmas wish list.

Implementing a few key strategies can work wonders in increasing Christmas sales and generating business interest in the all important festive season.streaming Dunkirk 2017 movie

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Federal Government passes Fair Work Amendment Bill

The Federal Government has finally passed the Fair Work Amendment bill, which includes both minor and major changes to industrial relations law.

Some of the key changes:watch full movie A Dog’s Purpose

– Unfair Dismissal. The big issue for small businesses is that the new legislation has extended the unfair dismissal application to 21 days.

– Fair Work now has more power to strike down applications for award rate changes that have no reasonable prospects for success.

– There are some major changes to the role of unions, with Fair Work ruling that bargaining notices have to be more specific and that union officials can no longer be a bargaining representative for employees that do not belong to that union.

-There are also a few key changes to enterprise agreements, with clauses that allow employees to ‘opt out’ now prohibited. As well the act now bans anyone from making an enterprise agreement with just one employee.

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Super can to improve cashflow for SMEs

Experienced SME owners can reduce their outgoing costs by restructuring their wage programs to include the Transition to Retirement Pension.

The Income Tax Act allows for eligible SME owners to reduce wages and leave extra cashflow in the business through a mechanism called the Transition to Retirement Pension. This enables a portion of income to be earned from super,with considerable tax benefits.

SME owners over 55 can receive a highly tax advantaged pension from their super fund.  Once over 60, the pension becomes completely tax-free. This means that eligible owners can earn a portion of their income through their super fund while still working.  One benefit will be the reduction of wage bills to the SME, without compromising their take home income. One of the major benefit of SME owners placing themselves on some form of pension in a super fund is that the income from the assets that support a pension becomes tax-free in the super fund it iself.

For example, if a pension is supported by assets of $200,000 and the fund’s income on those assets is, say, $10,000, normally the tax on that income is $1,500 i.e.15 percent.  By simply receiving the minimum pension amount allowable SME owners can save themselves $1,500 tax within the super fund.

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