Submissions for 2013 tax reforms

The Tax Institute has put forward a number of suggestions to the Federal Government in its 2013 budget submission paper. Among the suggestions are reforms in state tax, calls for a new small business entity and tax deductions for childcare.

One of the key proposals is to make childcare costs fully tax deductible, as opposed to the current 30% rebate. The proposed scheme would encourage mothers to return to the workplace.

The Tax Institute also put forward an idea for a new class of small businesses, which would take the best structures of all small businesses, such as a company, or trust, and create a new classification known as a ‘small business entity’.

There were also suggestions to address “the low level and inflexibility of contributions caps” in regards to Superannuation, especially as media reports continue to suggest the Government will be targeting super funds for revenue.

Posted on 23 February '13 by , under News AUS.

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